Maximising Data

Maximising Data – Harnessing it’s power.

Have you looked at maximising data? Research highlights that data driven companies are:

  • smarter
  • more innovative
  • more efficient and
  • more agile

Yet up to 80% of business data actually goes unused!

Maximising Data – The Power

Imagine having all the power of your data at your fingertips. Moreover this gives you real time and more importantly, predictive insight. Furthermore the insight is in to not only your business performance but also identifying opportunities for innovation and product development.


Who wouldn’t be?

The Gift

Here’s the gift. Most of this is already within your grasp. Similarly your data is capable of showing you it.

Your business will be awash with both structured and unstructured data which. In other words this data, if tidied up and used effectively, will be able to give you valuable insight into opportunities to improve.

The trick is to ask the right questions!

Maximising Data, Services

How well do you fully utilise your data?

Data2Action has a unique approach to unleashing the value of your data. Using a set of:

  • data diagnostic tools
  • effective data management practices and
  • insightful visualisation techniques

we can help create opportunities for your business.

Maximising Data – Services

  • Data Diagnostic
  • Data and Database Management
  • Data Visualisation

Data Diagnostic

The first step in turning your data into action is to understand what data you have, where its stored, how accurate it is and what actionable insight it can create. Our data diagnostic takes the form of a quick assessment of your data availability, accuracy and actionability. Summarised in a report, the findings will give direction as to what improvements need to be made to unleash the value your data holds.

Data and Database Management

Where is your data stored? Many have multiple sources of data which are stored in various disparate spreadsheets, files and systems making it difficult to access data, combine data or create any insight from it. By creating either single or connected databases you can truly transform the value you can derive from your data.

Data Visualisation

Overlaying a visualisation tool such as Microsoft’s Power BI is when your data really becomes a strategic asset. Presenting various cuts of your data will give you the business insight to take the right action to manage your business more effectively (remember the mantra ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’) leading many to reduce costs, improve business performance and create new commercial opportunities.

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